Thursday – Sick At Sundance

I’m sick. This was my day to watch three movies at the top of my list and tell you all about them: ‘The Woods’, ‘Kinyarwanda’, and ‘Hell and Back’. Sorry everybody. I lie in the condo all day trying to get healthy for Friday. I guess it was lucky that I couldn’t get those tickets yesterday. Around 11 pm, I bundle up and take a bus over to the theater to try to sell my ticket, but there are no takers.

There’s another Resurrect Dead screening today, which is maybe the best yet. An even bigger group of of people crowds around after the Q&A, and Justin sells even more art. The other night, walking back from a screening, we ran into someone from the audience who bought a poster right there on the corner. This movie seems to be building good word-of-mouth. Someone said they came because it’s “all over Twitter”. In fact there have been amazing tweets from FilmThreat, and really positive tweets from Huffington Post and a writer with the NY Times. There are a lot of little (but very good) mentions out there; the tough thing has been to get a big mention. Only one screening left.


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