Friday – Playing Hooky

If I can deflect any criticism of my actions pre-emptively, I was definitely conflicted about going skiing on Friday. I promised myself one day on the mountain, and set my sights on Friday. After a day of rest, it took a lot of coffee, some Emergen-C and a bag of lozenges but I got myself up there on a pair of rented skis.

Meanwhile, everyone else was down in Park City as the festival ramped back up. Mid-week, it felt like everything had trailed off and it was just die-hards and volunteers left in town, and I guess I expected that to continue. But in the last day, I’ve overheard a lot of conversations about people coming into town for the second weekend, people bringing sleeping bags to spend the night in line at the box office, a lot of young people and students. When I went to sell my last ticket Thursday night, I noticed bigger busier crowds again. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get Thursday tickets – I guess the best chances for seeing movies are mid-week. But that’s also when I’d recommend getting away from Sundance for a day. This festival is very long. I didn’t realize how turned around my head was until I cleared it on the sunny slopes. Darkness fell, and I looked down the mountain to see a long line of headlights coming into town.

When I get back to the condo, I hear that tonight is when the Sundance juries deliberate on the awards. Somewhere in town, Matt Groening and the other doc jurors are discussing Resurrect Dead and its peers. Earlier in the week, Jon caught a glimpse of Groening at the RD screening, but he’d already heard that Groening was being very strict about avoiding interaction with the competitors, to keep the process pure. I think the creator of The Simpsons will really love this movie. But Jon assures us that Resurrect Dead will not win any awards at Sundance.


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